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The third birthday of a missing Orlando toddler came Saturday with still no sign of the little girl, despite her family's hope that she would be home by then.

A vigil for Caylee Marie Anthony was held Friday night. Her 22-year-old mother, Casey Marie Anthony, remains jailed on $500,000 bond on charges of child neglect, failing to immediately report her daughter's disappearance and lying to police. She plans to go back to court to again ask a judge to lower her bond.

A pond near the home of the tot's grandparents was searched by Orange County dive teams Friday in what police described as a routine monthly training exercise; three submerged vehicles were found, according to Two of them had been reported stolen to Orlando police.

The retention pond is off Chickasaw Trail, less than a mile from the home of Cindy and George Anthony, where Casey and Caylee had been living until around the time of the child's disappearance on or around June 16.