Hope Solo is Still HOT Photos

Hope Solo is Still HOT  Photos - Hope Solo is the goalkeeper for the women's US soccer team that won the gold medal at the Beijing Olympics.

As well as being a statuesque beauty, Hope Solo also has a very cool name. If you got married to her, you'd have to take her surname. And then call your kid 'Han'.

Hope Solo had 3 shutouts in a row coming into a quarterfinal matcup against Brazil in the World Cup in 2007 when her dim coach, Greg Ryan, made one of the worst coaching decisions in the history of professional sports sparking a raging controversy.

He benched Hope Solo in favor of backup goalie Brianna Scurry, which rattled the entire team during a poorly defended 4-0 loss to Brazil. This was the worst loss for the U.S. Women's Soccer Team in history.
Hope Solo stewed all game long on the bench and simply said at the end 'It was the wrong decision.' That is the understatement of the year. Fire Greg Ryan's ass now.

The good ending is that Solo was picked for the 2008 Olympic Team while Briana Scurry was dropped. The revenge if complete.

Hope Solo is the hottest goaltender in the world in more ways than one. Her naturally blonde hair and cover girl looks are surpassed only by her play on the soccer field. She is the world's top goalie and best looking one too.

No, there are no lewd photos of Hope SoloHope Solo has not even posed for Maxim magazine. But she does have a great face and body which we expect to adorn fashion magazines in the future.
Hope Solo was born Hope Amelia Solo on July 30, 1981, and still makes her home in Richland Oregon. She is 5'9? tall and her measurements are hard-hard-tight.

Hope Solo describes herself as a dork and is wonderfully single although she does not identify her sexual preferences. For hobbies she enjoys beach volleyball and snowboarding.
To complete her biography, Hope Solo graduated from the University of Washington in 2003. She was a member of the Gold Medal winning 2004 Olymic Soccer team as the backup goalie.
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