The Real Angie Varona Topless Photos

The Real Angie Varona Topless Photos - some rather racing photos of Angie leaked out onto the internet and she became an overnight sex symbolOn Thursday, Nightline profiled Varona, now 18. And, in between shots of her sobbing over the torment of the photographs being leaked and schoolmates calling her names, the show managed to proudly show ' to a national tv audience ' a minimum of twenty of the photos that have ruined her young adulthood.

The voiceover narration by co-anchor Terry Moran began with a traditional introduction to the teenager:Even though the planet wide net, digicam mobile phones, further as social media are problems the younger generations have grown track of, the storyline of Angie Varona is an example of specifically what will occur whereas advanced technologies is truly locked within the actual arms of these that contemplate their specific personal pictures tend to be entirely risk-free on-line.

Just Fourteen years, Angie Verona thought your ex password-protecting on the online photo album was safe and sound. thus when your girl began taking not-fully-clothed photos involving little or no on her boyfriend throughout the time, your girl never ever assumed that several years afterwards, folks photos may pester the woman's.

What happened to Angie Varona is each parent's nightmare within the digital age; a cautionary tale for our time. Angie was fourteen, she had a boyfriend, her first. And like such a lot of teens and teenagers nowadays, she took some racy photos of herself.

'and then it veered into territory that might sometimes find yourself with Chris Hansen walking out from curtains within the kitchen:

'so here they're, a couple of images of a fourteen year-old woman in bra and panties, taken for her initial boyfriend.'

The planning for this episode possible played out like this:

'We're doing a phase a couple of teenage woman who has been traumatized as a result of semi-nude photos of her that she took when she was fourteen are passed around and viewed by several folks against her desires.'

'How concerning we tend to take those pictures' and place them on national television!'
'And we are able to perhaps post some on-line with the story!'

'Perfect! What will go wrong?'

Lots of folks might have not heard of Angie Varona before last night. that is ok ' it absolutely was a cautionary tale for folks and he or she agreed to be on the program. however if they felt the necessity to point out photos, they might have a minimum of kept the panning high and tight to her face. The flickering screen and skewed angles would have given away that it absolutely was from a pc. instead, Nightline created, at best, to a small degree of unintentional comedy, and at worst, another traumatic episode for a teenage woman who created an enormous mistake four years ago.