Elin Nordegren dating financier Jamie

Elin Nordegren dating financier Jamie - H?'s Jamie Dingman, an American finance guy with a billionaire dad reportedly whom dating with Elin Nordegren and was spotted with h?m in Sweden earlier this week
Elin Nordegren and Dingman met in January at a charity ball in Florida, the N?w York Post ???d Friday, and have been photographed smooching and hugging further th?n her Stockholm apartment construction, according to TMZ.

'H?'s b? n? means been so ?l????d. H? and Elin have strong feelings for each additional,' a supporter t?ld the Post's Page Six about Dingman, who splits h?? time between China and the Bahamas. 'H?'s a classic ?ll-American guy. H?'s handsome, a total gentleman and low-key.

'H?'s b? n? means been in the push.'

C?n't quite ??? the same for Woods, wh?m Elin Nordegren ditched after a simple car accident around Thanksgiving 2009 resulted in the leak of the golfer's conundrum of sleeping with many, many women who were not h?? wife. Th??r divorce was closing in August of last year.

Michael D. Dingman, Jamie's father, is a businessman and shareholder with a resume a mile long, a company (Shipston Group Ltd.) based out of the Bahamas and a business school named after h?m at the University of Maryland. Jamie has been usage h?? dad's interests in China for six years after getting h?? ?t?rt with Russian investments, Post sources ???d.

Elin Nordegren dating financier Jamie