New Batman The Dark Knight Rises Trailer review

New Batman The Dark Knight Rises Trailer review - New Batman Trailer - New Batman Movies -The majority of this trailer is footage culled from Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight, with two HUGE exceptions, and reveals. Commissioner Gordon lying on the hospital bed, pleading with Bruce to return as Batman is interesting, but not as exciting as the reveal of Bane. I've been nervous about how Bane was going to be portrayed on screen, as he has the potential to be a super cheesy looking character. All looks good to me so far though. We get a close up of Bane's face, and a quick shot of Batman, looking a little shaken, getting ready to lay some fist into the beasts masked face.

This is just a teaser, so while there is not a whole lot here, I'm satisfied. We are still a year away from the film. Patience is a virtue.

It doesn't get released to theaters till next summer, but it's never too early to start wondering if "The Dark Knight Rises" can get nominated for best picture of 2012 at the Oscars.

It's still a hot topic after director Christopher Nolan's last installment in the franchise, "The Dark Knight" (2008), failed to get that top nod. It was nominated for eight Academy Awards and won two -- supporting actor (Heath Ledger) and sound mixing -- but it wasn't up for best picture. Outrage over that snub grew so loud that the academy revamped the face of the race in 2009, increasing the list to 10 nominees from the usual five so there could be more room for blockbusters to get in. Last year, Nolan's "Inception" got nominated, but the director's branch snubbed him just as it had for "The Dark Knight." Curiously, by comparison, he's apparently beloved by the writer's branch. Twice he was nominated for best screenplay: "Inception" and "Memento" (2000).

At this point, of course, there's no telling what the 2012 Oscar best-picture race will look like or even how many contenders it will include. At the next derby, there will be a flexible number of best-picture nominees depending on how many reap 5% or more of the vote. But "The Dark Knight Rises" looks promising. It brings back Christian Bale as Batman and Michael Caine as his wise, protective, sidekick butler. Anne Hathaway as Catwoman claws her way into the action.