Watch Crazy About Pippa on TLC

Watch Crazy About Pippa on TLC - Pippa Middleton fever swept the world since the 27-year-old woman to be a bridesmaid Kate Middleton with Prince William on 29 April. In a white gown designed Sarah Burton, Pippa seized public attention. Everyone is talking about him. 

Cable television channel TLC will make a documentary program about Pippa Middleton. The event will be titled 'Crazy About Pippa'. The people closest  Pippa Middleton reportedly will give a comment and tell the life of Pippa Middleton. 

after the wedding, everything about  Pippa Middleton always hunted media. Starting from the fashion style, his personal life until  Pippa Middleton daily activities.  Pippa Middleton suddenly became a celebrity. Paparazzi began to faithfully follow the woman. 

Once the public enthusiasm to  Pippa Middleton, TLC television network utilizing the moment. They create a show that talks about  Pippa Middleton. The show will be narrated about  Pippa Middleton as the most desirable woman to be a companion of life. 

Not forgetting also, reportedly detail  Pippa Middleton proximity to Prince Harry will also be part of this event. Pippa was rumored to have a special relationship with Prince William's younger brother. 

In fact, both mentioned having each call affection. Regarding the rumors, Harry has been denied.  Pippa Middleton denied in different ways. After the news was busy talking,  Pippa Middleton appear cordial with her boyfriend, Alex Loudon. In fact, before their romance has reportedly ended. 

The event will be aired on Tuesday, August 9 at 9 pm next local time.