Mila Kunis was 28 Today

Mila Kunis was 28 Today  - Mila Kunis was 28 Today (on Sunday), Mila Kunis Also nominated for a Golden Globe for Mila Kunis performance in the award-winning Black Swan, Mila Kunis was as one of the hottest women in Hollywood and Spike have to strip down to cool Justin Timberlake in the summer of sleep hit Friends With Benefits. Oh, and we can not forget about nabbing a role in the upcoming Wizard of Oz prequel!

Sure, it's been a head twister of a year for the talented star, who is best known for Mila Kunis role in the Oscar-winning film. Wasn't Mila Kunis just a breath of fresh air to watch on the big screen?

But outside of Mila Kunis accumulating accolades and awards, the newly anointed A-lister is celebrating her 28th birthday one day after Michele Bachmann won the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa. Whoopee! It's a week for the girls!

What does a person starring in the upcoming Wizard of Oz prequel do on her big day? Who knows? If you're Mila Kunis, it's not that easy. But here's an idea.

Mila Kunis been romantically linked to her Friends With Benefits co-star Justin Timberlake in the past. Perhaps, (rumor mill churning) the two can have a private groping session this time? Just saying.

No matter how Mila Kunis decides to celebrate her 28th birthday today, hopefully it's a time to cherish. So, enjoy it now; you only have two years left before the big 3-0!

Mila Kunis To celebrate the big day, we gather a little something for you. So click through the image to not only see some of the hottest looks, but to learn more about the birthday girl!

Mila Kurnis on "Friend with Benefit"