Stacy Keibler Hot Maxim Pictures

Stacy Keibler Hot Maxim Pictures - Keiblers a 31-year-old actress, model and former WWE Wrestling Diva. Stacy Keibler is rumored to be the latest addition to George Clooneys list of ladies But you might be asking, where have we seen her before? And why is Clooney interested? She went from the ring to the Rumba on Dancing with the Stars, and was known as The Weapon of Mass Seduction.

The former Smackdown stunner also happens to look like this in a bikini, and is even younger than Gorgeous Georges last girlfriend of two years, Elisabetta Canalis. Since leaving the wrestling ring and reality TV, Stacy Keibler has been spotted on a variety of different shows including How I Met Your Mother, George Lopez and Psych. Stacy Keibler also graced the covers and inside pages of many magazines including Maxim, and FHM.

Well see if the former WWE Diva has what it takes to pin Clooney down.  The latest addition is reportedly Stacy Keibler And here she is, fueling the rumors by pulling into his house But you might be asking, where have we seen her before? One things for sure, he knows how to pick em.

These arent the only women linked to Gorgeous George that dont share his A-list status, though. Sarah Larson  She was a Vegas cocktail waitress before dating Clooney in 2007. But of course hes been romantically linked to a variety of familiar faces too.  

Way back in 1988 he briefly dated actress Kelly Preston, and in 2002 he had a two-year relationship with Krista Allen. Clooney also has past rumored romantic involvement with Renee Zellwegger, Salma Hayek, Courteney Cox and Lucy Lui. Despite Clooneys lavish list of women, only one has walked with him down the aisle.

In 1989, he married actress Talia Balsam, but then divorced a few years later. Making him marriage free since  1993. Since then hes had the world of women at his disposal, but not a Canalis or a Stacy Keibler has been able lock him down.