Michael Jackson Death trial

Michael Jackson Death trial - The first paramedic to achieve Michael Jackson's bedroom has told a jury that the knowledge he received from the physician charged within the singer's death failed to add up.

Paramedic Richard Senneff says Dr Conrad Murray told him that Jackson wasn't being treated for any specific condition. The paramedic says that did not appear right as a result of Jackson looked as if it would be underweight, had a surgical cap on his head and there was an IV bag and stand nearby.

Prosecutors contend Murray repeatedly hid from emergency personnel that he had been giving Jackson doses of the anesthetic propofol within the singer's bedroom.

Senneff was one in all four paramedics operating to undertake to revive Jackson on June twenty five, 2009. Murray, 58, has pleaded not guilty.

Earlier, an govt for the maker of a medical device employed by Murray to observe the singer told jurors that the equipment wasn't adequate for the continual monitoring of patients.

The $275 fingertip device that monitors the heart beat and blood oxygen levels was recovered once Jackson's death and was being employed by Murray whereas he was giving the singer doses of propofol.

Prosecutors referred to as Nonin Medical govt Bob Johnson to undertake to indicate that Murray lacked enough equipment to worry for the singer throughout the treatments. Propofol is generally administered in hospital settings.

Johnson said the model that Murray used had no audible alarm and wasn't supposed to be used for the continual monitoring of patients.

On Thursday, a combine of Jackson staffers described the chaotic scene at the rented mansion.

Personal chef Kai Chase said she was getting ready a spinach Cobb salad for Jackson when a panicked and flustered Murray decreased a spiral staircase shouting for her to induce security and therefore the singer's son, Prince.

"His energy was terribly nervous and frantic," said Chase, who added she ran to induce Jackson's son in a very nearby space. "I said, 'Hurry, Dr Murray desires you. one thing could also be wrong together with your father."

Chase said later she saw paramedics and security running upstairs to Jackson's bedroom where he lay and a few of the house employees were crying, unsure of what was happening.

"The youngsters were crying and screaming," she said. "We started hugging. we tend to came along, held hands and that we began to wish."

Bodyguard Alberto Alvarez said he visited facilitate Jackson once the singer's assistant referred to as him on his cellphone.

Shocked at seeing Jackson lying motionless in his bed, eyes slightly open, Alvarez barely had time to react when he heard the singer's daughter scream "Daddy!" from the doorway. He led her and Prince from the space, making an attempt to comfort them.

Alvarez then said Murray told him to place vials of drugs he scooped from Jackson's nightstand into a bag. Alvarez complied and conjointly placed an IV bag into another bag.

Defense attorney Ed Chernoff asked whether or not there was enough time for Alvarez to defend Jackson's youngsters, survey the space and stow away the medicine within the temporary amount that phone records show he was within the home before calling emergency responders.

The bodyguard insisted there was, telling the attorney, "I'm terribly economical, sir."
Chernoff wasn't convinced, questioning whether or not thirty seconds was enough time for the dramatic sequence to play out. Alvarez assured him there was.

The defense attorney conjointly challenged Alvarez's recollection, asking whether or not the gathering of the vials happened once paramedics had return and whisked Jackson to a close-by hospital. Alvarez denied it happened once he referred to as 911.

Chernoff questioned why Alvarez did not tell authorities concerning Murray's commands to bag up the medication immediately once Jackson died, however instead waited till 2 months once the singer's death. The bodyguard said he did not understand its significance till seeing a news report in late June during which he recognized one in all the baggage detectives were concluding of Jackson's mansion.