Miley Cyrus Apologizes For Racy Pictures

Miley Cyrus Apologizes For Racy Pictures - Miley Cyrus has released an apology after turning up for nearly any racy photo shoot.

The 15-year-old actress was taken photos of by acclaimed digital digital digital photographer Annie Leibovitz putting on basically a blanket for Vanity Fair magazine.

Miley confesses she now regrets the shots, that have been intended as "artistic".

She pointed out, "I desired part within the photo shoot which was mentioned being 'artistic' now, seeing the photographs and reading through through using the story, I am so embarrassed. I never intended for several this to occur which i'm sorry to my fans who I care so deeply about."

The Disney Funnel, who broadcast 'Hannah Montana', offer belittled playboy saying, "Sadly, because the article signifies, an issue was produced to deliberately manipulate a 15-year-old to be capable of sell magazines."

A real estate agent for Vanity Fair has defended the publication, saying, "Miley's parents and minders were across the set all day long lengthy extended. Because the photo was taken electronically, they first seen it across the shoot and everybody believe that it is an elegant and natural portrait of Miley."

The information connected the images reported Miley as saying the images are "really arty. It wasn't completed a skanky way."

The questionable shoot is because of hit newsstands inside a few days.