Lolo Jones Keeping Virginity Until Marriage

Lolo Jones Keeping Virginity Until MarriageLolo Jones may be a publicly proclaimed virgin who took it all off for the 2009 ESPN Body Issue, and if you have got a retardant with that, she's going to take you on together with her Bible.

Lolo admits that she has hurdled myriad temptations in her effort to remain chaste, and she's hoping such coaching results in virgin gold: a husband who is willing to mention "I'll wait" till he hears "I do."

Lolo's commitment to virginity could seem sort of a throw-back to a stuffier, prudish age when male chaperones protected the pure reputations of girls, however her incisive rejoinders to (perceived) criticism show that she isn't any shrinking violet.

She scoffs at the concept that dedicated virginal men may realize nude pictures of the sleek, toned sprinter to be a stumbling block on their own methods to purity.

One man was therefore thrilled to listen to the non secular grounds upon that Lolo is saying no-no that he joined Twitter simply to laud her noble efforts, however he conjointly felt compelled to induce some clarity on her naked poses.

Twitter doesn't permit for long, nuanced replies that seamlessly integrate feminist philosophy with biblical hermeneutics, therefore Lolo didn't mince words.

@Taylor_E_Maddox move to a museum & examine naked pictures/statues of ppl & its thought-about art however what I did is not? u see no components exposed

If some individuals need explanations from Lolo, others would favor she kept quiet concerning her sexual decisions.

There is a drone of responses to reports concerning Lolo's virginity which will be summarized like this: "Who cares? i am inquisitive about an athlete's performance in their sport, not their bedrooms."

That, I think, is a noticeable and even commendable reply that speaks to our want to remain out of people's personal lives, even after they are within the public eye.

That perspective may be misleading, though, as a result of the truth is that sports are usually sexualized, and women's sports are particularly prone to such added meanings.

Lolo rhymes with Tebow, therefore it's natural that a cultural groundswell would arise calling for a pairing of the virginal evangelical athletes.

It is simple to imagine a litter of Lobows leaping swiftly over hurdles, like their mom, and running roughshod over obstacles, like their dad. (For the sake of this hypothetical generation, let's hope Lolo has smart throwing genes.)

Tebow was once speculated falsely I ought to add to be in an exceedingly relationship with another Olympian, yankee skier Lindsey Vonn.

Okay, therefore here we've it: Lolo to Tebow to Vonn.

I have facilitated spirited discussions in school rooms concerning the comparison of 2 Sports Illustrated covers, one among that featured Vonn.

When students see a slide of the February eight, 2010 SI cowl with Vonn juxtaposed to an analogous Olympic-themed cowl shot from 1992 of yankee skier A.J. Kitt, they usually quickly enumerate a slew of variations.

They notice that the male athlete is in an action shot. Vonn, in contrast, is posed in an exceedingly tuck position, however is clearly not skiing. Her face is made-up, and a few students claim that she is smiling suggestively at the camera. 

Many students typically conclude ruefully that the male skier is well known for his athletic prowess, whereas the feminine athlete must be done up sort of a model to induce identical shiny attention.

If so, how can we interpret Vonn's participation in such a shoot?

Well, maybe Vonn has unwittingly internalized that insidious, if usually hidden, cultural narrative that implies a woman's price rests totally on her sex charm, regardless of how gifted she is in athletics.

Some students, though, aren't happy with the concept that Vonn was in some delicate manner duped, or that she is simply a pawn in an exceedingly broader male-dominated game of management over women's bodies and women's sports.

Those students can purpose to Vonn's power as a lady to create but she sees work, and for no matter functions she needs.

I imagine that a student discussion of Lolo's public virginity and public nudity would be even additional sophisticated. Those 2 dimensions of Lolo may be reconciled, though, in empowering ways that.

By championing her chastity, Lolo denudes (pun intended) societal tendencies to sexualize feminine athletes. After all, it's harder to objectify someone who therefore publicly articulates her management over her own sexuality.

Lolo's call to create nude within the ESPN Body Issue, and her subsequent defense of the creative deserves of that shoot, likewise challenges the sexualization of the feminine athlete, however now by taking nudity out of the exclusive purview of sexuality.

By difficult her tweeting interlocutor to think about that a Christian male athlete conjointly posed within the nude for the ESPN Body Issue, Lolo drew attention to society's double standards.

Male bodies may be seen as paragons of athletic development, however feminine bodies are additional usually propped up for the sexual luring of men. Lolo is not having it.

Lolo, then, could became an object of media curiosity together with her admission of virginity, however in less obvious ways that she is additionally an issue of amendment.

In a society that increasingly celebrates diversity, Lolo is forging a viable (but not universally applicable) path for feminine athletes to barter the generally treacherous terrain of sports, bodies, sexuality and power.