Natalie Dylan Selling Virginity

Natalie Dylan Selling Virginity - USD. 41.8 billion price Natalie Dylan Virginity
Very expensive
Who the hell ...... Natalie Dylan
He wants to auction off her virginity Kanapa ....
Who wants to buy .....

Natalie Dylan is a girl from San Diego California and 22 years old, is currently completing her education with a bunch of S2. Education programs that he traveled the study program as the Family and Marriage Therapy.
Well the reason is auctioning virginity over the internet with a reason to pay for college, and has received a generous response from many quarters. About 10 thousand men joined the auction states, and to date the highest price offer 41.8 billion rupiah (3.8 million $ U.S.). This offer applies to the relationship for one night only.

Natalie Dylan give a statement that he managed to attract a lot of old men, young men from various kalangan.Dari crazy sex to businessmen who bid a polite. To proof that she was a virgin.
When the auction was first broadcast by a radio in the U.S. last September, the bids began to emerge. Natalie never get the price of 243.000 U.S. dollars or about Rp 2.5 billion. And it continues to move up the value. Even when it was 10,000 men with the highest bid of 3.7 million U.S. dollars (about USD 40 billion), Natalie is still shaking his head as it waits for better offer.

"I do not think people want to come out so much money to get their virginity, even when virginity is not so appreciated. There seems to be competition among the men, "I frankly Natalie.

About why there is no winner, Natalie says it's not like e-Bay auction to the highest bidder as the winner. "I did not choose the highest bidder. I need time to know each other. I have many conversations with them, "he said.

No fewer than 10,000 bidders who have weird sexual orientation, some are even looking for a boyfriend. "Those who would find a boyfriend, I emphasize this is just a date night," he said. Natalie had a reason to sell her virginity. He has earned an undergraduate degree in women's studies. Now he needs to pursue a master's degree on family and marriage therapy.

Well, here she takes a big cost. "I was honest about the study which is the reason why I'm auctioning off virginity. I do not take more advantage of it. I and the auction winner will receive an equivalent, "he said.

He claimed to have had two lovers, and their relationship seriously. Both men polite and patient with her wishes. Natalie herself had been planning to give up her virginity to one of her lover, but he was not yet time to do it.

"People might think I was weird because until the age of 22 years remained a virgin. But I always keep my actions, "said Natalie.

Inspiration to find this kind of money came from her sister, Avia, 23. His brother is no less beautiful to choose to sell themselves for three weeks to pay for college. To prove a virgin, Natalie brave undergoing various tests, including polygraph. "I know, I wish more people will be condemned because it's taboo, but I do not bother with it," she said.