Queen Latifahs Girlfriend Jeanette Jenkins

Queen Latifahs Girlfriend Jeanette Jenkins  - Has Queen Latifah finally revealed that she's a lesbian when years of speculation concerning her sexual orientation?

The actress/singer recently created an look at the 2012 Long Beach Pride event in California, and she or he showed her love for the group by saying, "Y'all my peeps. i really like you!"

So was she calling all the lesbian and gay folks her peeps as a result of she's a lesbian herself? that is what Hollywood Life is reporting, however in fact her statement might additionally mean one thing fully totally different - maybe she was simply calling the group her "peeps" attributable to what quantity love she gets from LGBT fans. consider it this manner -- since Cher has such a big amount of non-hetero fans, she might have gotten up on that stage and said identical factor.

But who knows? throughout the event Queen Latifah additionally said this:

"Thank you to any or all my favorite peep guests who came out to support me. I appreciate it. i really like you most. Hope you had an exquisite time."

Maybe that was her method of thanking everybody for supporting her call to return out.

Like actress Raven Symone, who recently had to take care of rumors that she's a lesbian, the Queen has been terribly careful to stay her personal life out of the spotlight. thus perhaps she did not need to create an enormous deal concerning taking off like different celebs - Ellen DeGeneres and Lance Bass ought to definitely be applauded for his or her "I'm gay!" magazine covers, however that sort of huge reveal is not ideal for everybody. thus showing at Long Beach Pride may need been Queen Latifah's slightly additional low-key method of showing the planet that she's a lesbian.

Or maybe her method of taking off is simply a symptom of the changing times -- maybe the planet is finally getting down to see sexual orientation as one thing that is not an enormous deal and deserving of a splashy magazine cowl. For additional proof of the how things are changing, simply check up on the massive Bang Theory star Jim Parsons was outed - his 10-year relationship with another man was casually mentioned in a very ny Times profile.

So what does one suppose - was Latifah's very little speech at the Long Beach Pride event her own special method of acknowledging her sexual orientation?

I bet Queen Latifahs girlfriend Jeanette Jenkins should be a awfully happy girl. Ok thus i'm not 100% bound that Jeanette is her partner however the question of whether or not Queen Latifah is gay or isnt she gay will finally be diminished at least that's what i purchase out of her Latifahs Long Beach Pride event presence. The rapper surely added additional fuel to the hearth as she performed and spoke at the event.

I dont suppose Queen Latifah being a lesbian was an enormous secret however it appears to me as if Latifah officially came out. in step with BET, in front of a crowd of one,000 people, the rapper told those in attendance, all my peeps (people). i really like you! thus will this mean that the LGBT could be a community she claims? I positive take that as a out and proud moment, my friends!

She additionally warned the group to stay safe from obtaining STDs. She went on to feature, Yall be safe no matter yall get into tonight. Boys - strap it up. girls - strap it up. Word!
So who is that this Jeanette Jenkins lady and is she Queen Latifahs lesbian lover? Well, there has not been any confirmation however apparently this girl has been in Queen Latifahs life for YEARS. Jeanette and Queen are photographed on various vacations together with Eboni Nichols. They surely may well be simply smart friends.

In a recent interview with Sister a pair of Sister magazine, Latifah said, I similar to girls who have category. Period. And if its T and A youre sellin, thats fine, as long as thats what youre selling. however you dont need to show everything, you know? you'll hold some back and simply be yourself and let your temperament shine and let your individuality show. To me, thats sexier. A assured girl could be a horny girl, in my opinion. I agree! category over trash!