Face-Chewing Victim 'Doing Well' ronald poppo photos

Face-Chewing Victim 'Doing Well' ronald poppo photos  - homeless Miami man whose face was largely chewed off by a unadorned assailant is awake and alert and doing "well", however in would like of a lot of surgery.

Jackson Memorial Hospital released 2 photos of 65-year-old Ronald Poppo together with his permission on Tuesday afternoon, one showing him walking down a corridor assisted on either facet by a hospital employee.

The other offers a recent check out Poppo's horrific injuries, roughly a pair of and a [*fr1] weeks once the stunning assault on Miami's MacArthur causeway: one among his eyes is roofed by gauze, the other, lost to the attack, is roofed by skin. Poppo's nose is missing, and his forehead could be a mass of scabs.

The lower half Poppo's face, roughly from mustache down, seems intact. Doctors said approximately fifty % of his face was missing, which the "extremely charming" Poppo remembers the attack, understands that he's in hospital, and is responsive to media coverage.

"He's happy to report back to all of you that he is feeling well, he is eating, he is walking around with physical therapy, he is talking with us," said University of Miami trauma surgeon Nicholas Namias, co-director of JMH's Ryder Trauma Center. "He's had quite somewhat of surgery already."

Plastic surgeon Dr. Wrood Kassira said the medical team's primary goal so far has been to wash and shut Poppo's wounds, however her patient has had a "logical" response to conversations regarding reconstructive surgery.

"We have mental health professionals to assist him with the coping, and he is coping remarkably well," she said.

Kassira confirmed Poppo has undergone 3 surgeries already and is currently fighting an infection, adding that Poppo, who cannot currently see from his remaining eye, conjointly suffered a brain injury just like somebody in a very automobile crash and was admitted with puncture wounds on his chest. (Records show Poppo was shot by an unnamed gunman in Miami's Bayfront Park in 1976.)

"The guy has to be a survivor," Namias said, in keeping with Local10. "Living on Watson Island for of these years, i believe he is ought to be a survivor, and that i suppose he is become terribly pragmatic regarding life. On any given day, he is living within the moment."

Poppo, who is believed to own been homeless in Miami since the mid-to-late Seventies, is roofed by Medicare and Medicaid, officers said. A fund got wind of by the hospital foundation to help Poppo (details below) has to date raised $15,000.

"It's superb," Namias said of Poppo. "He's a particularly charming man. You check with him, he is terribly upbeat, he is terribly pleasant, he hasn't said one issue negative to me. each time I raise him how he is doing, he says he is doing fine."

The AP reports Poppo, who requests Italian food and cannot wait to travel swimming, has asked that the tv in his area be turned off except to follow Miami Heat games.

"I child you not, he wished to speak regarding the NBA Finals," Namias said. "He asked me if i might be watching the sport tonight, and told me, 'Go Heat.'"

Poppo was lazing on the MacArthur Causeway's westbound Biscayne Boulevard exit ramp sidewalk could twenty six when attacked in broad daylight by naked 31-year-old North Miami Beach resident Rudy Eugene, who was caught on surveillance camera making an attempt to strip off Poppo's garments before brutalizing his face.

A police officer responding to multiple 911 calls from drivers and cyclists shot and killed Eugene when he reportedly ignored orders to prevent chewing Poppo's face. An autopsy reportedly discovered Poppo's flesh within the thus referred to as "Miami Cannibal"'s mouth, however not in his abdomen. Police have speculated that Eugene could are below the influence of an artificial drug, however a full toxicology report remains pending.