Vanessa Hudgens Kisses Alexa Nikolas (photos)

Vanessa Hudgens Kisses Alexa Nikolas (photos) - Vanessa Hudgens is busting out in additional ways that than one. On the eve of her new film debut, a lot of risqu photos have gone viral on the web, beside some hot girl-on-girl action with starlet Alexa Nikolas.

Were they leaked, or is it a publicity stunt? solely Vanessa is aware of of course.

But the coincidence between the debut of her film Sucker Punch, and therefore the sudden emergence of racy photos, for the third time, is raising eyebrows.

Photos of Hudgens that started going viral last night (Mar. 14), seem to own been taken at constant time in 2007, per many reports.

The photos of her purportedly kissing Zoey 101? star Nikolas, could are taken at a later date, however.

When the photos initially surfaced four years ago, Hudgens sued when an internet web site refused to require down the photos.

Their unleash additionally coincided with the debut of 1 of her film.

Hudgens, twenty one at the time, tried to claim a copyright claim, saying the photos were self-portrait photographs obtained and posted on the web while not Hudgens information or consent.

She even went up to now on file claims with the U.S. Copyright workplace.

I assume it's created me stronger. however it still hurts, she said when the primary photos were posted. It sucks as a result of they were presupposed to be non-public, however at constant time lots of actresses do it [nudity].

Hudgens broke up together with her High college Musical co-star Zac Efron, in December.

She says within the April issue of form magazine that busy work schedules and filming at totally different locations round the world led to their divide.

Hudgens trained for Sucker Punch.

I wouldnt are ready to do it if it werent for the opposite ladies [co-stars Abbie Cornish, Emily Browning, Jena Malone and Jamie Chung].

Its due to them that I got therefore sturdy, Hudgens told the magazine. In the start, I may dead raise a hundred thirty five pounds. By the end, I lifted one hundred eighty. i used to be a monster!