Jim Ross talks about Lita, Trish Stratus and Ryan Shamrock (Alicia Webb)

Jim Ross talks about Lita, Trish Stratus and Ryan Shamrock (Alicia Webb), New Maxine Interview - From the newest Jack Ross site, your dog pointed out a number of ex - WWE Divas. He previously had these to say on Alicia Webb, whom shown “Ryan Shamrock,” the actual sis regarding Ken Shamrock, and also a an affiliate P.L.S…

It turned out shocking to see Alicia Webb otherwise known as Ryan Shamrock within . Louis since the woman has been now there doing a bit of charity help handicapped lovers. Alicia seemed great which is doing superb talk with a number of worthy men and women. Alica’s partner can be a skilled poker player…cool task.

In Hall-of-Famer Mae Little, he previously the subsequent so that you can say…

Mae Youthful, a fellow Okie, is not less than incredible for a lady your ex age. Easily acquired any time as well as the intellect, I’d spend 2 or 3 days with Mae that has a recorded argument recorders plus doc a few timeless myths connected with lifetime on the road on earth of traditional wrestling by the girl gender’s mindset. Mae obtained ‘ink’ and also seemed to be smoking cigarettes stogies prior to any attitudinal, girl, pop movie star thought it was modern or perhaps neat.

and lastly, in Trish Stratus in addition to Lita….

Mixed up with Lita along with Trish which was actually neat. They are both joyful along with succeeding within their posting WWE existence. Getting happy certainly makes up about a great deal irrespective of that we have been. The two, incredibly favorite Divas so i pointed out these folks closing some sort of Organic transmitted which is rarified air flow for so many skillsets far less your Divas whom spotted, at times, considerable however usually reduced Television for computer occasion.

Lita mentioned the girl was feeling like she had under no circumstances remaining Natural plus with regards to . Louis Mon thought pure for you to the woman's. BTW the many yoga exercise in which Trish, Lita, and also DDP training operates because hundreds of folks genuinely looked healthy and balanced.

Must be reality, I personally don’t think that I’ve ever seen Lita search much better. I actually clearly recall the day which i surveyed Lita during my Stamford, WWE company back in the day as well as kidded the girl's about the girl “litte, make tattoo” which i noticed the woman wore. I loved the woman's liberty it comes with she'd visited Mexico, on it's own, and got useful for arena encounter.

UPDATE : Edge and Lita were supposed to have kind of fake live sex act. They climbed into a bed that was in the ring. Lita removed her bra and the cameraman filmed a bit of her kind of topless. See Below