Another Million Dollar Offer Lindsay Lohan to Sex Toy

Another Million Dollar Offer Lindsay Lohan to Sex Toy - Nude is not new for Lindsay Lohan. Mean Girls star is even felt comfortable after a nude photo shoot with Playboy magazine.

To appear in the magazine's Hugh Hefner, Lindsay gets paid 8, 8 billion. Unlike the other top artists who only topless and showing off the breast from the side, the controversial actress is totally naked for adult men's magazine.

In addition to drool big payoff, interest in Lindsay was photographed naked because they think the photo will have its own taste. Previously, Lindsay was also topless for New York magazine. Similarly, as quoted by Hollyscoop, Friday (10/28/2011).

"I want to describe the look and get as many photos as possible to bring back to real life. I feel comfortable with it, nudity and whatnot," said Lindsay.

After a session with Playboy magazine photo shoot, Lindsay Lohan is increasingly in demand. Mean Girls star was offered a company that asked for permission to make a sex toys or sex toys.

Special adult entertainment company, Fleshlight was jealous lobbied vigorously in order to take the mold Lindsay's a vital tool to be used as sex toys. Most likely it's a sex toy doll-like Lindsay.

As proof of their seriousness, Fleshlight dare give you the price $ 1 million. However, the intention seemed to be disulit done because Lindsay is not interested. According to TMZ reports, which quoted from Hollyscoop, Friday (10/28/2011).

"Lindsay is unlikely to accept the offer even if offered a lot of money," said a source close to Lindsay.