Grace Kelly in GRACE OF MONACO Movies

Grace Kelly in GRACE OF MONACO Movies - Grace Kelly, who went from Hollywood royalty to real royalty, is heading to the large screen an additional time.

Princess Grace of Monaco and Academy Award winner Grace Kelly could have died in 1982 once suffering a stroke whereas behind the wheel of her automotive driving in Monaco, however her fairy tale story never ends.  The yank princess of Hollywood who became a true European princess, retiring from the peak of her acting career, is currently being honored within the movie Grace of Monaco.

Pierre-Ange Le Pogam, the Europacorp co-founder who recently launched his Stone Angel production and financing company, has acquired Grace of Monaco, a spec script by Arash Amel that sets Kelly's personal story amid the politics of the time, within the vein of The King's Speech.

Le Pogam won the script in a very competitive state of affairs, and also the project is already generating heated interest from filmmakers itching to inform Kelly's tale. Kelly was born to a well-to-do family in Philadelphia her father Jack Kelly was an Olympic gold medal rower and a successful businessman. She studied acting in ny, began her career operating in live tv within the early '50s, and created her film debut with atiny low half in 1951's Fourteen Hours. Her star ascended quickly when Gary Cooper selected her to play his leading girl within the 1952 Western High Noon. Her elegant blond coolness caught the attention of Alfred Hitchcock, and he or she starred in a very succession of his films: 1954's Dial M for Murder and Rear Window and 1955's To Catch a Thief.

Kelly was nominated for an Oscar as best supporting actress for 1953's Mogambo, and won the Academy Award as best actress in 1954's The Country lady, within which she played the long-suffering wife of an alcoholic actor portrayed by Bing Crosby. During a visit to the Cannes Film competition in 1955, she was introduced to Prince Rainer of Monaco, and through a visit to America, Rainer proposed to her. Their royal wedding the subsequent year was a global sensation, with a giant contingent of Hollywood stars in attendance. though Kelly had completed an additional movie, the musical High Society, the new princess retired from acting, even supposing she continued to receive offers and retained shut ties to several of her Hollywood friends.

In her new role as Princess Grace, Kelly lived by strict rules laid down by Rainer. She gave birth to a few youngsters - Caroline, Albert and Stephanie ' and  in 1964 created The Princess Grace Foundation. Her death in 1982 shocked the world: She suffered a stroke and lost management of her automotive whereas driving within the twisty streets of Monaco. Her daughter Stephanie, who was along with her at the time, survived the crash. Nearly a hundred million individuals watched her funeral on TV. Amel's script, however, is not a biopic and instead focuses on a six month amount in 1962 when the city-state got into a heated dispute with France, that grew bored with the petite principality being a tax haven. Kelly, still comparatively new in her role as princess, maneuvered behind the scenes to save lots of Monaco from a coup. Insiders have compared the script to  King's Speech in scope and tone.

Le Pogam is manufacturing and financing the image. CAA is repping the domestic rights. Amel, repped by CAA, is an up-and-coming scribe who wrote The Expatriate, a thriller starring Aaron Eckhart and Olga Kurylenko that recently wrapped shooting. He conjointly sold an untitled action thriller for Summit.