Amy Schumer Scandals Photos Howard Stern Radio Show

Amy Schumer Scandals Photos
Amy Schumer Scandals Photos Howard Stern Radio Show - Comedian Amy Schumer, who many of you could remember in the Charlie Sheen Roast on Comedy Central, was around the Howard Stern Radio show and discussed a nude photo shoot she did for Cosmopolitan magazine.

Saucy! We think she is hot, and not simply talking naked here. Amy Schumer’s star is on the rise, as she actually is starring with Steve Carrell (Any office) inside the film “Seeking a pal for your End with the World” due out in 2012. Amy can be currently touring making people laugh all over the country,

Outspoken comedian and actor Amy Schumer has moved a minimum of 8 times within NYC within the last eight years-experiencing many a roommate complication, on and on to great (and quite often shady) lengths to secure a great deal with an apartment.

Known for her stints around the Jimmy Fallon Show, Last Comic Standing and 30 Rock, she will soon be visible on Curb Your Enthusiasm and au naturel within the March issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. Today she takes BrickUnderground on the tragiocomic journey through her apartment dwelling past.

Yesterday evening Comedy Central aired their roast of Charlie Sheen, and also for a roast one joke in particular appeared to get people upset when Amy Schumer made a joke to Steve O about Ryan Dunn. But here’s the thing; fuck Ryan Dunn. It’s not like he was torn from his house with a tiger. He killed himself plus a friend after drinking his approach to a BAL just under .2 then drove his Porsche 130 miles per hour. That dipshit deserved to die. I feel worse for that trees Ryan hit than I do for Ryans family and friends. We needed those, fuckface!

Secondly, Amy Schumer rocks !. She may have handed Steve a sketch of Dunns charred remains for all I care.

Now that the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen aired yesterday evening - the network’s highest rated roast ever, incidentally, with an average of 6.4 million viewers - the outrage initiated a policy of. Hooray! But, really the majority of the outrage may be directed toward comedian Amy Schumer, who as you’re probably conscious, developed a joke about Jackass star Steve-O, who was one of many roasters yesterday evening.

While Steve-O was clearly the point with the joke, the setup starred Steve-O’s late friend and fellow Jackass Ryan Dunn, who died in June when he decided to get drunk (his blood alcohol level was a lot more than double legal limit), drive 132 miles per hour and accidentally crash into a tree. Dunn’s passenger, friend Zachary Hartwell, also died. Anyway…

Yesterday Schumer made the following joke: “I truly am - no joke - sorry for that lack of your friend Ryan Dunn. I am aware its probable you've been thinking it could’ve been me. And i also know i was all thinking, Why wasn’t it?” Harsh? Sure. But, this is a roast in the end. As well as the joke involved wanting Steve-O to die! Which she obviously doesn’t mean. It had been an insult to Steve-O; not Dunn. But, of course, many folks heard what they thought they should hear and freaked the fuck out.

People began tweeting their outrage, and headlines put their hands up online today like, “Did Amy Schumer Cross the Line with all the Ryan Dunn Joke?” and “Amy Schumer Ryan Dunn Joke Angers Viewers of Charlie Sheen Roast.” (Note that these headlines label the joke being a “Ryan Dunn” joke, who's wasn’t.) So, I chatted with Schumer right now to if she felt she required to amend anything and even apologize for the purpose she said.

“I don’t feel the need to apologize,” Schumer says. “I respect people’s opinion after they determine what the joke is. It wasn’t a Ryan Dunn joke. It absolutely was a Steve-O joke. It was a typical roast joke. It had the formula of any roast joke. That wasn’t even among the jokes I'd where I had been thinking, ‘here referring, I’m planning to drop the hammer now.”