Kristen Stewart and Lindsay Lohan Celebration party To get rid of Stress

Kristen Stewart and Lindsay Lohan Celebration Party to Get Rid of Stress - Some time ago Kristen Stewart reportedly suffered severe depression after his affair with Rupert Sanders scandal became public. But recently lover Robert Pattinson was seen trying to console themselves by partying with Lindsay Lohan.

A source revealed that the Christian and Lindsay spent time while having fun in the Huntington Beach area. Reportedly, the Christians had come to the site to watch his brother, Cameron, who was following the surfing game.

After coming into the match, Christian was with Lindsay was later seen at a house in the region. This has to be Kristen Stewart appearance for the first time in public after the affair known.

Christian unity and Lindsay Lohan alone reap the various reactions of a number of parties. Some feel do not understand why Christians chose to celebrate with Lindsay who had a bunch of bad reputation. But some feel informed when Christians want to relieve stress is to have fun.

Previously, the public almost never see Christian appear in public after photographs lovingly with Rupert spread in the media. He reportedly stressed and depressed, not only the loss of her lover, but also because it discredited by reports in the media. Christian even recently chose the film back from Cali and remove the major role that has been entrusted to him.