Stephanie Rice Hot Photos

 - Stephanie Rice works during a swimsuit. Thus, you would possibly suppose it had been absurd for folks to induce upset when she posts an image of herself during a swimsuit on Twitter. you'd be wrong. Rice had folks creating a “hot water” pun over the previous couple of days as some worried that posing during this suit might need upset one among her sponsors. Don’t worry, she had already broke up with Speedo. As Yahoo!’s Olympic blog points out, the controversy might are created as an excuse to run the image in Australian newspapers.

Pretty clever, however Rice usually doesn’t would like facilitate making an issue. In 2008, some photos of Rice caused Australia to raise their swimmers to create all their Facebook pages personal. In 2010 Rice lost Jaguar as a sponsor once she tweeted, “suck on that faggots,” following an Australian rugby victory.

It looks as if the complete world has a work over Stephanie Rice and a few photos she took in her bedroom mirror. however who very cares? will anyone very savvy many folks truly do this? My facebook and twitter feeds are polluted with footage like these for years!

Can somebody enlighten me how “mirror pics” became thus popular?

Stephanie Rice, the three-time gold medallist is showing off her newest swimsuit. A birthday gift from designer Ellie Gonsalves.

Apparently, Speedo, the maker of the washing suit is pissed off as a result of they don’t even sponsor Stephanie Rice. Seriously, Speedo ought to be praising this kind of behaviour from athletes. Why ought to they care if a 3 time gold medal winner showed off their brand? For FREE!

But wait, Stephanie Rice contains a “history” of “racy pics”, verify her Halloween costume from last year!